Jeffrey is my boss, my colleague, my companion , my best friend, my husband, father of my children.  My teacher, my critic, my admirer.  Essentially, he is my everything.

Recent years, after we can take a break from day to day operations of the business we founded, we spend long time aligning our values by long conversations, exchange books to read and even watching old movies.  The most recent one we watched together was 1972’s Don Quixote by Peter O’Toole.  That sparked a long conversation too. No doubt to me that Jeffrey has a Don Quixote in his soul.

One of the things we both deeply believe is that each and everyday is precious.  Never left words unsaid, feeling untold.  Value each day as if it is the last day.  Never regret, never sacrifice your principle for self-interest.

Now, after fifty six days of his passing, after the 56 suffering and unbearable painful days,  I deeply realize my suffering and pain is because I do not have enough wisdom to relieve myself from the suffering or maybe it is some king of animal instinct for sadness after losing a longtime companion that no wisdom in the world can change that, at least not in 56 days.

After all is thought and said, I find myself full of  appreciation of the past 41 years with Jeffrey.  I thank him.    “Jeffrey, I Thank You!”.  I thank you for taking me along with your incredible and spectacular journey of yours,  I thank you for giving me all your love for the past 41 years, I thank you for respecting, loving and letting our children to pursue their dreams as you did.  I cannot ask for anything else and I should not ask for more.

Your compassion to “everyone”, opened my heart, your love of flying and freedom I share.  Jeffrey, there is no regret that I always supported you no matter business or activities or being generous even when we were poor.  Because we share the belief these are part of life’s experience we both treasure.   No regret, really!

I don’t know if it was random or fate we met,  but it was a wonderful, wonderful  run.  I will always remember every detail of our journey and I will always miss you immensely.    I especially like one of your writings that you said you feel like a fluffy floating cloud playing  from dawn to dusk.  Nowadays, whenever I see a fluffy, floating cloud, I raise my head, smile, and say, “Hey, Jeffrey, How are You,? Wishing you are having fun, I love you!”

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