Dearest friends,

I doubt there is anything we can possibly add to your remembrances of Jeffrey’s extraordinary qualities as a human being, his brilliance, his magnanimity, his courage, his humility, his sensitivity, his love of life, his extraordinary taste for adventure, and his just plain simple goodness. Though he would want us to have fun today, there is little we can do to suppress the sorrow of his leaving us.

One evening two years ago, Jeffrey surprised us by riding his motorcycle 700 miles to see us while we were in Ashland, Oregon, working on a play. The next day he headed back. What to us would be the adventure of a lifetime was for him a simple everyday ride. To us, it is as if Jeffrey lived his life in such a full way that his one life equaled many, many lifetimes of others.

We rejoice in everything Jeffrey has given us. His passing teaches us the uncomfortable but essential recognition of the inevitability of impermanence. We are together for only so long, and then we must part. In his leaving us, Jeffrey is telling us: be ever more gentle, be ever more mindful, be ever more loving in our days together.

Fare thee well, Jeffrey, we are sure to see you next time, where we hope to repay all of your kindness to us!

Stan and Nai-chu Lai  賴聲川,丁乃竺

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